Gangrel, Clan Whip


Much like her sire, Ophelia’s physique is slim with predatory. Her features strongly resemble those of Anne’s, giving the impression that they could be mother and daughter. It is only her ash white hair and milky eyes that contrast strongly with her sire’s deep black features. One feature she inherited are the long, raven-like talons she can grow.

Being more at home in the city than in the country, Ophelia prefers to dress in dirty jeans, hoodies and band t-shirts, allowing her to blend into the urban environment. Trading creeks for underpasses and woods for junkyards, Ophelia manages an impressive network of informants (pickpockets, junkies and the homeless) and animal companions throughout the city that keep her up to date of what happens where.


“I would think it preferable to seek out the fox, before running to the wolf. Wouldn’t you?”

Long before her embrace, Ophelia was a ghoul in the service of Anne Grey. As the industrial age gained momentum, Anne quickly recognised the need to keep informed on the happenings of the rapidly expanding city. Having grown up on the streets, Ophelia was an obvious choice for a ghoul. After decades of loyal service, Anne finally embraced her as her own childe.

Ophelia’s trajectory through the structure of the Camarilla followed closely behind that of her Sire. Once Anne became primogen, Ophelia immediately took her side as clan whip.

It is rumoured that Anne’s decision to ghoul and finally embrace Ophelia was not merely a strategic one. Their striking resemblance led many to believe that Anne saw something of herself in Ophelia. Perhaps she longed for a daughter? Perhaps merely for a companion who shared a common background? Or, perhaps they were lovers. Whatever the reason, the two kindred are inseparable.


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