Anne Grey

Gangrel Primogen


For a Gangrel, Anne seems rather small and slim. Her sleek physique is almost feline, muscles tense with energy hiding just underneath her grey, dead skin. Her eyes are deep black, staring with animal intensity as if constantly on the hunt, glinting just underneath a curtain of onyx hair.

Those who have seen her use her claws and lived to tell of it, describe them as raven-like tallons, her fingers finger turning black and extending, with swollen knuckles, ending in long curved claws.

Anne is seldom seen without her two wolves at her side.


“We do not serve the Camrilla. It serves us.”

No one quite knows who Anne was in her mortal life, though it is very clear she did not come from upper class stock. Rumors are she was a vagrant, beggar or prostitute who caught the eye of a travelling Gangrel. Some say she was a thief or murdress, saved from the gallows. Others believe she was a feral child, rescued from the woods. Whatever her history, it is clear that as a vampire Anne has fully embraced her animal nature.

As a young kindred, Anne had a reputation of being cocky, arrogant and much too aggressive, to an almost suicidal degree. She looked to prove her might at ever possible occasion. No Allthing was complete without Anne challenging someone, usually older and stronger. Often she lost. More often she won. With each fight she grew in strength, experience and reputation, until finally no one was willing to challenge her. Fear of being challenged by Anne, and risking ones reputation and unlife, usually let her get her way. After a while it was obvious and seen as inevitable that she would gain the rank of Primogen, a title hard won.

Anne Grey

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