The Boar

Gangrel, Sheriff of London


An imposing, towering man with long copper hair and beard, the boar is tasked with keeping in the city. Few kindred have the courage to oppose him.

Usually dressed in a thick leather jacket, adorned with spike, and heavy boots, The Boar is often often carries a large Claymore. Not often used a weapon, the sword serves as a symbol of his office and sign that he has the authority to uphold the laws of the night by whatever means he sees fit.

Not one for frivolous conversation, The Boar is seldom heard speaking; instead letting his presence lend weight to the words of the Prince. When he does speak, his voice and words are as intimidating as his physique.


“There’s no point in running. Better kindred have tried and failed.”

While few details are know of the mortal life of The Boar, though it is known that he served as Scottish rebel in the 13th century in the Scottish Wars of Independence.

From early on he served Elizabeth Seymour, first as bodyguard, and then finally as Sheriff. Although he is Gangrel, he seems to have fairly little interest in Gangrel affairs, and is seldom spotted at Allthings.

The Boar

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