Sebastian von Aachen

Nosferatu Primogen


Sebastian is thin, almost skeletal in stature. His skin, the texture and colour of dried parchment, stretches over skull, cracked lips revealing a pair of rodent like fangs. He usually dresses in black frocks, reminding of a priestly garb.


Before his embrace in the late 18th century, Sebastian was a professor of theology and philosophy at Göttingen University. Moving to Paris University to further his studies in theology, Sebastian suddenly found himself in the middle of the french revolution. Despite being faced with potential execution during the dechristianisation of France he secretly kept up his academic work and writing. The Reign of Terror fundamentally changed Sebastians theological view. So much death and blood could only exist in a world ruled but an angry, wrathful God.

Eventually, in the chaos of revolutionary Paris, Sebastian was taken, dragged into the catacombs and embraced. In the sewers underneath the Place de la Concorde, sating his thirst on the bloody runoff from the scaffold, he felt himself reborn as a monster, punished by God. With time however, Sebastian came to embrace his mostrosity, seeing a place for kindred in God’s plan as wolves instead of shepards, there to drive the mortal flock into the arms of the Lord.

As a vampire Sebastian’s intellectual background proved very useful to the Nosferatu. He was relied on more and more to collect, scribe and broker information. Eventually he was offered the post of Primogen in the Court of Roses.

Sebastian von Aachen

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