Philip Lloyd

Ventrue, Senechal of London


Clean shaven and well groomed, Philip Lloyd embodies the definition of a Ventrue. He is the very avatar of the Camarilla. Loyal to his Prince, he observes vigilantly observes the laws and traditions, and expects everyone else to do so with equal dedication.

Although always impeccably dressed in fine, tailored suits, he wear them much like a uniform. Philip exudes an air of stoic military discipline.


“No, you may not have an audience with the Prince. All requests are to be directed through me, regardless of whatever position you hold at court.”

A loyal officer of the army during the Napoleonic wars, Philip Llloy was carefully selected and embraced based on his outstanding tactical record. From the very beginning he fit perfectly into the strict hierarchy the Camarilla, finding comfort in its order. Bringing his military knowledge and experience into his unlife, he managed to prove himself a loyal member of kindred society, and quickly rose through its ranks.

Philip is generally respected and regarded as trustworthy member of the Camarilla.

Philip Lloyd

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