Ivo Tanner

Wayward Gangrel back from the dead


Ivo is the personification of the burnt-out ends of smoky days. Perpetually looking haggard, he regards the world around him with a watchful reticence.

To the casual observer, he appears dishevelled. Tall and wiry, he wears an unkempt beard with a faded scar that runs down the side of his face. A memento of his embrace.

He doesn’t speak often, unless around those he trusts.

There are two core values that Ivo upholds, freedom and loyalty. And this is made apparent in his dealings with his new coterie. He is generally slow to anger but the threat to either of these ideals would push him to near boundless rage.

And although he would not openly say it, mostly due to past tragedy, he is steadily growing fonder of his new pack.


Ivo Tanner

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