Elizabeth Seymour

Ventrue, Prince of London


Elizabeth looks to be about 24, with neatly kept black hear. She prefers to dress in period ambiguous clothes, always black. Usually grim and stern, Elizabeth handles every situation it with her usual regal decorum.


“Our traditions and laws serve to keep all Cainites safe. Your disrespect of them cannot be tolerated. However, I am not without mercy. I will make sure justice will be swift.”

Elizabeth was born in the 1480’s into the noble Seymour family. Spending time at the court of Henry VIII, she was soon selected and groomed to be embraced into Clan Ventrue. After her embrace she quickly expanded her influence, and took seat as the Prince of London and a relatively early age.

Her ties to the nobility of England meant she could easily wield power and influence over the mortal world, and manipulate the political landscape of the kine to suit that of the kindred. These nights her influence over the aristocracy has been replaced by one over the banking system of London. She runs the hugely powerful financial institution BH Holdings from behind the scenes.

Elizabeth Seymour

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