Calvin Wake

Tremere Primogen, Regent of the London Chantry


Calvin usually appears dressed in a black suit and wearing small glasses. His demeanor is conservative, and each action and word is calculated and precise. Calvin is renowned for having little patience for fools.


“Only fools dismiss what right before their eyes. The cainite that stops seeking knowledge, soon meets final death.”

Before his embrace in the early 19th century, Calvin was know as a prodigal physician at the cutting edge of medicine. Making discovery after discovery, Calvin gained renown and respect in the scientific community. However, frustrated at the current pace of scientific progress, he soon turned to other avenues of research. It was at this time that he was approched by a new mentor, who introduced him to the occult. Entranced this new found knowledge, Calvin became a recluse, immersing himself fully in the world of the occult and eventually disappearing from the academic landscape. He became a footnote in scientific history, unremembered save for a handful of journals.

After his introduction in the Tremere, Calvin quickly proved himself to be uniquely talented in the art of thaumaturgy. Rising from Apprentice to Magister, and Magister to Regent, he evenutally was placed as head of the London Chantry, after the previous Regent disappeard during the Blitz. In the chaos of World War II the Sabbat attempted an attack on London, however, thanks to Calvin, that attack was quickly repulsed.

Foolish vampires often underestimate Calvin because of his young age. It is however suspected that he is of a respectably low generation.

Calvin Wake

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