George 'The Paperclip' Vale.

An unassuming man.


Brujah, torturer, slayer of hedgehogs.

“I have emotions too. I’ve made people cry.”


Making a monster.

George grew up an orphan. He quickly learned to see the worst in people before the best. Always suspicious, always expecting the world to go to shit. His younger brother got split up from him and put into a good home – George wasnt so lucky.

When he was 17 he left the state system. Thrown into the world with no money and no skills, he started working as a go-between for low profile drug runners. He would pick up the money, exchange the packages, and generally be as invisible as possible. He learned to blend in, to go unnoticed.
One run he want on he was short changed. His boss didn’t take lightly to being stiffed out of a few pounds, and him and his men beat George to within an inch of his life. Laying in a hospital bed with screws holding his hands together, 3 broken ribs and a shattered jaw – George knew that he would NEVER let this happen again. He knew that he could never claw his way out of the mud – out of this life…so he would have to make the most of it.

A small local business man who was buying some recreational pharmaceuticals left 100 quid off the bill. George waited for the last person to leave the office – knowing the man would stay late to partake in his purchase.
Entering the office, George knocked the man out, tied him up, and spent the night torturing him with various office supplies. The paramedics eventually found the man with his eyes sewn shut with paperclips, and 114 pens stabbed into various parts of his body.

News of the incident spread through the crime organisation, and George quickly became the man to go to when you wanted to make a point – when you wanted to make a statement. He was the stick when the carrot didn’t work.

After a few years of being employed to ‘leave a message’, The Paperclip had a reputation amongst the worst of the worst. And he had enemies. Being a free agent has its perks – but protection isnt one of them.
He was hired to do a routine job. Some poor soul had skipped out on his protection money and George was asked to teach him a lesson. This was going to be an easy job – the mark was already tied up and waiting for him. He entered the suburban home, found the man with a bag over his head…and George did what he did best.
Sure he may have gone a little further than normal – but skin is very overrated, and when you cant actually HEAR the person screaming its hard to know when to stop.

The next day the local paper printed the name of the man George had tortured. A name he recognized. His own brother. A previous mark had tracked him down and paid George to torture his only family….to teach him a lesson.

That same night George found the mans son – and followed him into a night club. He was going to flay this little shit alive….but it seems fate had other plans.

A new family

George is unsure how he fits into this new family. Often frustrated with a lack of momentum, he has had to learn to temper himself more.

He has never had a family, so this is all….new. He doesn’t know ‘how’ to show that he cares (apparently good hearted ribbing isn’t appreciated).

George 'The Paperclip' Vale.

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